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Trip Planning Assistant

Some paddlers have all of their own equipment and do not require any help from the local canoe outfitting businesses such as ourselves, but the majority of the visitors do need some assistance. And that’s where we come in.

We are a valuable source of information, equipment and resources for these people interested in finding out what the BWCAW and Quetico have to offer. And I will tell you that this area has a lot to offer and that’s why we are of such great use for many people. We rent equipment out to customers that have chosen not to purchase all of their own equipment. We also provide valuable information about certain trips and routes throughout the area that will benefit our customers and save them time and energy while on their trip. We also have a store/gift shop at which people can purchase last minute items, T-shirts, bait and tackle and numerous other items. And all of this takes work and coordination and that’s why we employ people for the summer to help in the successful operation of our business.

We are a completely seasonal business open from early May to late September. During this time, we hire staff members to help run our operation and serve our customers looking for assistance on their journey into the canoe country. We generally hire 10-12 staff members each season for the duration of the summer. We provide these workers with a place to live, work and play for the summer and we compensate them for their efforts. Compensation is based on work experience and length of time with our company.

During our 30 years here at Seagull Outfitters, we have an extremely common comment that we get from our customers, and it goes like this: “Boy I wish I would’ve done something like this when I was young. And now I’m all grown up with kids and responsibilities that I have to resort to coming on vacation for just a week out of the year. And you get to stay here all summer long, you lucky duck.” Don’t let this be you. You have the opportunity right now. If you’ve ever thought it’d be fun to work in the Boundary Waters, now’s your chance. Do it while you’re young. You’ve thought it was fun; we can assure you that it is fun.

You will be asked to perform daily tasks that can some days be repetitive in nature, but most days this is not the case. There are many interruptions throughout the day that will keep the work fun and exciting. Some of the jobs include mowing lawn, weed-eating, various landscaping duties, construction projects, plumbing, operating a boat and motor, driving trucks, pulling trailers, carrying canoes, various cleaning assignments including cabins, shower house, bunkhouse, canoes, boats, Duluth packs, tents, sleeping bags, cook kits, and working in the store running the cash register, retail work, stocking shelves and most importantly, carrying on intelligent and pleasant conversations with our customers.

While we advertise specific job descriptions, due to the size of our company there will be cross training amongst all employees in many areas other than driving a motor tow boat. We need coverage 12 hours per day 7 days per week. The specific job descriptions give us a feel for what you are looking for and how we can possible fit you into that niche.

These are the main things that get done virtually on a daily basis. The tasks will vary from day to day and you won’t be doing the same thing for extended periods of time. We tend to hire people that are intelligent and can solve problems quickly when faced with them. We also look for genuinely friendly people to represent our business well and treat our customers with the care and respect that they deserve. It helps to have some background in the outdoors so that you’ll be capable and knowledgeable about many of the topics of conversation that tend to be the norm in and around the Boundary Waters. If you are outgoing, easily taught, and willing to work hard for a team with a goal in mind, we want to talk with you. Many of the skills we can teach you, but you must be excited about the thought of learning new things and being teachable.