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CT Technician Level 2

EKPC Company Information
East Kentucky Power Cooperative is an electric generation and transmission company headquartered in Winchester, KY, just 15 minutes east of Lexington. We also have facilities across the state of Kentucky that generate electric power and service centers for local power lines and substations support.

EKPC offers a wage and benefits package that ranks among the best in the state. EKPC provides a 401(k) retirement plan; a medical and dental plan; competitive vacation package; and a professional work environment.

EKPC is an Equal Employment Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Disabled/Veteran

Key Roles
The position is responsible for performing all the duties necessary to ensure proper and efficient operation of all instrumentation, hydraulic systems, automatic control systems and mechanical equipment associated with combustion turbines. 

Key Responsibilities
Combustion Turbine Technician Level 2
  • Repairs breakers
  • Repairs receptacles.
  • Replaces contactor.
  • Uses hot sticks.
  • Sets/adjusts pneumatic valve stroke.
  • Tests valve.
  • Repacks gate valves.
  • Repacks globe valves.
  • Repacks needle valves.
  • Replaces ball valve.
  • Replaces diaphragm valve.
  • Replaces gate valve.
  • Replaces glove valve.
  • Repairs/replaces limitorque valve operators.
  • Replaces needle valve.
  • Troubleshoots valve operation.
  • Aligns pump couplings.
  • Changes pump bearings.
  • Replaces lube oil pumps.
  • Performs preventive maintenance testing.
  • Reads and interprets pump technical specs.
  • Replaces impellers.
  • Replaces mechanical seals.
  • Replaces pump casing wearing rings.
  • Replaces pump couplings.
  • Replaces pump lubrication piping.
  • Replaces pump packing.
  • Replaces pump shaft.
  • Replaces pumps.
  • Replaces radial thrust bearings.
  • Replaces shaft seals.
  • Takes required precision measurements.
  • Replaces air compressor components.
  • Troubleshoots compressor.
  • Repairs fuel oil pumps.
  • Replaces fuel oil valves.
  • Maintains glycol cooling system components.
  • Performs diesel fire pump PMs.
  • Maintains mobile equipment including vehicles, forklifts, and tractors.
  • Performs structural welding.
  • Operates forklift.
  • Electrically isolate motor.
  • Performs megger test on motor.
  • Checks motor-operated valve operation.
  • Determines rigging equipment to remove motor.
  • Inspects motor bearings.
  • Lubricates motors.
  • Opens motor lead box for inspection.
  • Checks and/or replace brushes in DC motors.
  • Replaces motor starter components.
  • Tests motor starters.
  • Troubleshoots motor starters.
  • Changes out a motor.
  • Aligns motor.
  • Checks starting circuit.
  • Troubleshoots electrical system.
  • Checks for and replace blown fuses (use Ohmmeter).
  • Tests and checks switchgear.
  • Cleans motor control centers.
  • Tightens connections.
  • Cleans switchgear.
  • Performs PM (test inverter).
  • Adjust inverters.
  • Troubleshoot inverters.
  • Troubleshoot limit switches.
  • Adjusts limit switches.
  • Replaces limit switches.
  • Repairs fire protection system.
  • Resets fire protection system valves.
  • Replaces fire protection system sensors.
  • Checks fire protection system for leaks.
  • Smoke test fire system sensors.
  • Programs/reprograms printers.
  • Troubleshoots control system.
  • Removes and replaces analyzer probe.
  • Cleans solenoids.
  • Isolates solenoids.
  • Modifies solenoids.
  • Removes and replaces solenoids.
  • Tests solenoids.
  • Troubleshoots solenoids.
  • Adjusts switches.
  • Cleans switches.
  • Isolates switches.
  • Modifies switches.
  • Performs preventive maintenance on switches.
  • Removes and replaces switches.
  • Repairs switches.
  • Tests switches.
  • Troubleshoots switches.
  • Depth metric micrometers.
  • Dial indicators.
  • English depth micrometers.
  • English dial vernier calipers.
  • Feeler gauges.
  • Metric micrometers.
  • Metric vernier calipers.
  • Threads gauges.
  • Determines rigging paths.
  • Inspects rigging equipment.
  • Uses rigging equipment.
  • Troubleshoots water system.
  • Replaces actuators.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs actuators.
  • Performs other duties assigned.
  • Performs general facility maintenance duties.
  • Inspects and/or repair pumps.
  • Rebuilds valves.
  • Monitors, operates, and controls combustion turbines and auxiliary equipment, and takes appropriate action to maintain normal equipment and system operation.
  • Installs, calibrates, and tests various instruments such as pressure temperature, flow, position, and level transmitters, pressure gauges, data recorders, microprocessors, chemical analysis meters, and alarm systems.
  • Maintains automatic controls for combustion control, safeguard systems, data acquisition, turbine control systems, water treatment systems, and communication systems.
  • Performs hardware and software modifications and installs, monitors, and maintains programmable control systems.
  • Performs complicated rigging.
  • Operates overhead crane.
  • Operates a water treatment and demineralizer plant.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Key Requirements
Education and Certifications / Licenses:
  • High School diploma or equivalent. Associate's or technical degree in industrial maintenance including mechanical, electronics, electricity and control systems preferred. 
  • Three (3) years of related experience preferred.
Skills and Abilities:
  • Working knowledge of pumps and motors, valve operation and hydraulic and pneumatic systems. 
  • Working knowledge of test equipment such as oscilloscopes, millivolt meters, frequency generators, digital and analog voltmeters, manometers, D.C. and A.C. power generators, etc.
  • Knowledge of water treatment facilities highly desirable.
  • Must be able to read and understand schematic drawings, technical manuals, system logic, and blueprints for digital control systems.
  • Training or demonstrated experience in troubleshooting and repair of distributed control systems with emphasis on Siemens T-3000 and Basler excitation controls preferred.
  • Must be a self-motivated individual with the ability to work alone.

  • Technical and Professional Knowledge and Skills
  • Safety Awareness
  • Initiating Action
  • Adaptability
  • Contributing to Team Success

Conditions of Employment
  • Must possess a valid driver's license and excellent driving record and must live within one and a half (1.5) hours of the plant. 
  • Must work a 12-hour rotating shift, if needed; on-call position; nonscheduled overtime is a normal part of job.
  • Work environment conditions include: noise, heat, gas emissions, chemical vapors, dust, high-pressure lines, etc.
  • Occasional lifting up to fifty (50) pounds; regular climbing and working at heights on stairs and ladders.
  • Must pass a physical ability and aptitude test; must follow procedures for wearing a respirator and other protective equipment.