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Chemistry Technician

Purpose (Objective): The incumbent is responsible for performing chemical analysis on food, pharmaceutical or other samples.
Main activities: describe the main activities and responsibilities which make the most direct contribution towards the fulfillment of the purpose of the position (10 max)
▪ Composting and grinding of samples for analysis as required.
▪ Perform chemical analyses such as protein, moisture, fat, ash, and other components.
▪ Prepare sample for analysis according to procedure. Retrieve samples from designated areas (e.g. log-in, sample storage).
▪ Perform chemical analyses of macronutrients, micronutrients or other parameters as designated.
▪ Extract desired component from sample with appropriate processes so that concentration can be determined.
▪ Prepare standards and reagents that are needed for the analysis procedure.
▪ Write/label all samples throughout the process so that Client and sample numbers can be tracked.
▪ Perform calculations, checking and interpretation of results where applicable.
▪ Track status of designated tests as assigned to ensure Client turn around time commitments are met and inform supervisor of non compliance.
▪ Assist other departmental personnel with analysis tasks so that testing can proceed according to specified time limits.
▪ Update logbooks, transfer data and maintain records, including quality records for the specified tests, notify supervisor of any non compliant results.
▪ Perform necessary housekeeping duties in a timely manner, keeping the work areas and equipment clean and sanitized.
▪ Must participate in cleaning schedule and maintain retain samples as required.
▪ Train analysts where required and participate in the training programs.
▪ Perform necessary preventative maintenance on instrumentation according to identified schedules.
▪ Clean and prepare glassware for future analysis use.
▪ Ensure material/supplies are maintained and available for the next analysis including preparation of reagents where applicable.
▪ Coordinate with other department personnel with analysis tasks to maintain smooth flow of work
▪ Maintain knowledge of Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) that is required to complete job responsibilities.
▪ Support corporate quality and continuous improvement process,including participation in monitoring of quality parameters as assigned, and performance of
necessary tasks related to quality control parameters for the test being performed.
▪ This position has the responsibilities and authority to identify departures from the quality system or test procedures and document such observations in accordance
with the prescribed complaint system and supervisor is notified.
▪ Responsibility to support laboratory management in the implementation, maintenance, and improvement of the quality management system.
▪ Adhere to all safety policies.
▪ Perform other related tasks as needed
Any time, the incumbent must behave and operate in an ethical and Code of Conduct compliant manner .
Knowledge: The incumbent must have a basic knowledge of microbiology to accurately perform testing procedures
and obtain accurate results.
Profile (required education/qualifications and professional background): A general knowledge of the Laboratory Information Management System is required to process client data. The
incumbent needs a basic knowledge of analytical chemistry to perform analysis procedures. Manual dexterity is needed to manipulate samples where required. A basic knowledge of
personal computers is useful to accurately enter testing data and results. Associated degree and one or more years of experience, or Bachelors degree.
Required skills: This position requires a basic level of knowledge in both wet and instrumental chemistry procedures to perform analysis on samples. Analytical skills are essential to
complete analysis procedures and determine the concentration of the microorganism. A general knowledge of the Laboratory Information
Management System is required to process client data. Physical dexterity is required for manipulating samples.
Management (Size and characteristics of the team(s)): .
Work Environment : The incumbent works in a laboratory setting with proper lighting and temperature control. Occasional exposure to laboratory fumes, chemicals, and materials will occur
when in the laboratory. Safety equipment of gloves, laboratory coat and eyeglasses may need to be worn depending on the testing process. The incumbent may use the autoclave daily to
complete the analysis process. Continuous lifting of analysis materials weighing up to 50 pounds are necessary to transport media materials. The incumbent can expect extended time spent
in a standing position. The incumbent should be able to detect slight variation in shades of colors.