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Market Research Project

TrueData has a vision to connect all the world's devices. We are the leading provider of US identity data, enabling addressability for some of the world's most well known advertising and data companies like TransUnion, Experian, Oracle, Nielsen, and The Trade Desk. Our ability to anonymously link people to devices, and devices to each other, powers over $10BN of annual media spend in the US.  

We want to level the playing field because the largest tech companies (Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon) continue to increase their stranglehold over the ads industry.  The ability for the average marketer to independently buy media or publisher to independently sell ads is getting much harder.  

Why? Much of this has to do with addressability which underpins all modern data-driven marketing. Addressability is the ability to connect a person to a device, and the largest tech companies have a huge advantage given the breadth of their reach and the number of multi-screen logged-in users they have. They are making  changes to cookies and mobile ad IDs that make it harder for others to enable addressability while giving themselves a huge market advantage. 

Our solution is built to enable an open framework for addressability that is not owned by any one corporation. 

TrueData is looking to expand its reach beyond the US. We are looking for an independent consultant or MBA/MA intern to help us map out the market opportunity. 

 The challenge with a data company going into any new market are:

  1. You have to comply with location privacy regulations and doing so requires significant investment across legal, technology, and data operations.
  2. There is a cold start problem. You need significant data supply to get started, but at the same time you also need to queue up a lot of demand to cover the data supply. It takes significant investment in orchestration to nail a new country launch. 
  3.  Relationships across the companies that sell ads and those that buy ads vary significantly by region. You don’t always get economies of scale coming from other markets. 

The scope of the project is to:
  1. Prioritize what are the most important markets with our commercial teams. Where will they be able to expand our product offering for existing customers to avoid the cold start problem. 
  2. Investigate who are the largest media companies in each market across mobile, web and CTV. 
  3. Document what are the high level privacy laws in each market and the impact on our ability to easily do business there without significant technical reworks. 
  4. Make final recommendations of an international expansion prioritization roadmap. 

Start date: ASAP
Market Pay