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The Key Communities are learning communities for first year, second year, and continuing students designed to honor the identities and strengths of each student to foster students transition to and through the university. The Key Plus community is an optional program for continuing Key and CSU students who are interested in Community through Leadership. The Key Plus community will have leadership development opportunities and academic support through workshops, leadership retreat, seminars, and Key Plus community events  
The Key Communities are one of the most diverse communities on campus, with many students identifying as a student of color and/or first-generation to college who are committed to creating and nurturing inclusive environments that welcome, value, and affirm the diverse identities of our students.  
The Collaborative for Student Achievement is looking for outstanding student leaders to serve in the role of Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator for the participants of the Key Plus program living on campus with Key Plus! The live-in position* is a full-academic-year commitment that plays a pivotal role in the overall success of each community.  As a Community Engagement Coordinator, you have three primary roles: you serve as a Key Plus liaison living on the fourth floor of Braiden Hall; you plan, develop and implement community building strategies for students living with Key Plus, and plan, develop and implement events for all of Key Plus focused on leadership, career development, and goal setting. The Community Engagement Coordinator work closely with the Collaborative for Student Achievement staff, the University Housing staff, and each Coordinator to implement the overall goals of the program.  
*NOTE:  The Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator is required to live in Braiden hall.  
As the Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator you will be responsible for the following:  
Community Building: On-Campus Key Plus Residents (Braiden Hall & Aggie Village) 
  • The Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator is required to live on the 4th floor of Braiden Hall. 
  • Develop a supportive relationship with students that is inclusive of a student’s diverse identities, strengths, and needs 
  • Meet with all students living in a Key Plus designated space (40-50 students) within the first 5 weeks of the semester. 
  • Plan and implement 2 Events a month focused on building community among on-campus residents (including Braiden Hall and Aggie Village residents). 
  • Complete 2-3 hours of “Hall Hours” a week in order to develop strong relationships with all residents. 
  • Host 1 hour of study hours a week in the different lounges of the 4th floor. 
  • Help facilitate a positive and inclusive environment on the 4th floor of Braiden and in Aggie Village while building the partnership with Residence Life partners.  
  • Attend a portion of Hall Staff Meetings facilitated by the Hall Director (on top of required meetings and trainings facilitated by the Key Communities). 
  • Connect with and support University Housing staff through programs and events 
  • At times the Community Engagement Coordinator may need to refer students to campus resources specific to second-year and continuing students and respond to crisis situations based on training conducted at the beginning of the school year 
Community Building: Entire Key Plus Community 
  • Plan and implement 2 events a semester for the entire Key Plus Community focused on leadership development, career development and goal setting. 
  • Help Plan (along with the entire Key Plus staff) and participate in all Key Plus Signature Events. 
Role Modeling 
  • Serve as a role model for students academically and socially. 
  • Guide Students in making positive choices around residence hall and apartment living. 
  • Promote academic achievement through personal example. 
  • Support the goals and values of the Key Communities by personal example. 
Overall Key Plus Program Support 
  • Required meetings: Attend all staff trainings, attend all staff development activities, weekly staff meetings, weekly individual supervision meetings, weekly Hall Staff meetings 
  • Other Key Plus duties as assigned 
Key Plus Recruitment 
  • Develop recruitment messages alongside Key Plus staff 
  • Co-facilitate Key Plus recruitment info sessions 
  • Help manage logistics and technology during info sessions 
Training and Professional Development 
Actively contribute and participate in the following trainings and meeting times:  
  • August All-Staff Training (see Important Dates Document for more information) 
  • Monthly All-Key Staff Training dates (TBD) 
  • Weekly 1:1 meeting with supervisor (Key Coordinator) 
  • Weekly staff meetings  
  • Weekly Residence Hall Staff meetings 
  • End of Year Student Staff Closing  
Administrative Tasks 
  • Learn and effectively use work-related technology, such as EAB Navigate to track student interactions 
  • Assist with the distribution of assessment surveys 
  • Stay up to date on email and text communications 


  • Must be a Junior or Senior at the start of the 2022-2023 school year 
  • Must have 2.5 GPA or higher – preference will be given to those with a GPA closer to 3.0 or have an upward trend from past semesters  
  • Demonstrated commitment to, and understanding of, diversity, equity, and inclusion, including experience working in diverse settings 
  • Commitment and enthusiasm to working with second year and continuing students 
  • Willingness to learn and engage in conversations about identity, inclusion, and justice 
  • Demonstrated passion for on-campus living and building community within a residence hall setting and apartment-style setting. 
  • Knowledge of campus resources and opportunities specifically focused on leadership development, career development, and goal setting. 
  • Ability to organize and plan programs including developing timelines and follow-through. 
  • Good communication skills and ability to facilitate group discussions. 
  • Demonstrated leadership and service through campus involvement or work experiences

HR Policies and Procedures

  • Colorado State University may conduct background checks on final candidates. (MUST be included with all postings.)  
  • Employee benefit information can be found on HR’s Website at  
  • Compensation: Room and Board in Braiden Hall 
  • Start Date: August 8, 2023 

Other Important Information

Students interested in this position must first attend an information session –times and dates of these information sessions can be found here. Once a student has attended an information session, the application will be available. Additionally, please note the important dates required for this position which can be found here. This position starts in August of 2023, and we will have one required, paid event in April of 2023. This is also listed on the Important Dates document.  

Please visit the following link to fill out our Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator application: 
  1.  Select one aspect of the Key Mentor/Leadership Coach role. Why does this aspect interest you? 
  2. The Key Communities approaches supporting students through an asset-based approach, drawing upon their strengths and experiences. With that in mind, please describe your strengths and experiences that you would bring to this position.  
  3. Please describe your understanding of diversity, equity, and inclusion.  
  4. One aspect of this role is to connect students with resources and opportunities on campus. What resources at CSU have you used during your time on campus? How have these resources supported you? 
  5. As a Leadership Coach/Community Engagement Coordinator, what would you do to help a student grow as a leader?  
  6.  Since Key Plus works with students in their second year and beyond, how are the needs of second year students and the needs of juniors/seniors the same and different? 
  7. A large portion of the Key Plus Community Engagement Coordinator position is self-driven.  This staff member will be expected to take the initiative to connect with Key Plus students in Braiden Hall and Aggie Village throughout the entire academic year.  How would you plan on doing this?