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Ambassador Animals Animal Care Internship

Ambassador Animals Animal Care Internship
Interns in this position assist the Encounters staff with the husbandry of a wide variety of species who serve as ambassadors for their wild counterparts. The Indianapolis Zoo’s new entry experience (opening May 2023) will allow guests to interact with these ambassador animals, including aardvarks, birds, hedgehogs, pouched rats and many more.
Duties and Responsibilities:
-Support the Zoo’s mission of protecting nature and inspiring people to care for our world.
-Perform related duties as required.
-Perform cleaning, feeding and general husbandry of assorted animals and plants.
-Prepare diets (blend, chop, mix meal gel), clean and disinfect utensils, perform other food room chores.
-Assist in animal feeding.
-Assist with general cleanup and maintenance of off-exhibit areas (hose or sweep floors, use squeegee).
-Perform minimal record keeping, including food and medication sheets, as well as a concise daily log; observe animal behavior and update daily task sheets.
-Observe and report equipment and maintenance needs.
-Complete a series of reading assignments and projects per manager’s discretion. Present projects to Flights of Fancy Staff.
-Assist with animal transport and public presentations.
-Other tasks as assigned by Flights of Fancy Staff.

Interested students should consult with their academic advisor to determine if this unpaid experience can count towards academic credit.