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In collaboration with Dr. Kipper in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Dr. Lear’s biophotonics laboratory in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is seeking a student researcher to assist with research in the area of biosensors. The researcher will work on functionalizing biosensor surfaces with protein arrays and testing their binding affinity for matching antibodies or other biomolecules. They will also be investigating the possibility of performing these experiments in a microfluidic system. The successful candidate will be self-motivated, able to multi-task, demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills and be able to work both individually and collaboratively with faculty and fellow students.

The position will run for the summer term of 2023, with the possibility of the assignment being extended into the fall semester based on available funding and sponsor approval. The student is expected to work 10 to 20 hours per week.
·        Research on biochemistry for functionalizing and testing biosensors including interpretation of data (DP, C, CT/PS)
·        Determining suppliers for biochemistry supplies and facilitating purchase of those supplies (DP, V/WC, TW).
·        Writing of reports and draft publications or presentations (V/WC, TW, DP)
·        Other related duties as assigned (DP, V/WC, TW, C, CT/PS, SR)

Position Minimum Requirements
·        Registered CSU student in good standing with the university
·        Prior experience as an employee in a chemistry, biology, or biochemistry wet lab at CSU
·        You must have current training on file for Chemical Mgt & Hazardous Waste Training and Scott Bioengineering Lab Safety Training.
·        Demonstrated excellent written and verbal communication skills
·        Familiarity with chemistry and chemical and biological engineering concepts

Position Preferred Qualifications
·        Minimum GPA of 3.0
·        Current training in BSL1 and 2 Concepts, OHSP Risk Assessment, and Research Orientation SOP Certification
·        Prior experience with surface functionalization or modification chemistry
·        Prior experience with chemistry for affinity biosensors
·        Prior experience with fluorescence plate readers or fluorescence microscopy
·        Have completed at least three years of CBE or equivalent undergraduate program
·        Outstanding interpersonal and presentation abilities 

Hourly Pay Rate : $15/hr
Benefit Information: Employee Benefit information can be found on HR’s Website.
Number of Openings: 1
Start Date: May 30, 2023
Background Check: Colorado State University may conduct background checks on all final candidates.