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At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we bring together the brightest minds to create breakthrough technology solutions that advance the way people live and work. What sets us apart? Our people and our relentless dedication to helping our customers make their mark on the world. We are a team of doers, dreamers and visionaries; inspired by our purpose and driven by our strategy. We live by our three values: partner, innovate and act. Our legacy inspires us as we forge ahead, always pushing to discover what’s next. Every day is a new opportunity to advance and grow ourselves, our company and the industry. Some people call it an obsession, we call it a way of life.


Information Development Intern

June 2020 - September 2020 San Jose, CA
“I learned a lot about technical writing as a profession and learned how to use some of the software that they use to write and publish work. I also got to attend a lot of intern seminars where recruiters would come and talk to us about starting our careers.”

Design Verification Engineer

May 2019 Plano, TX
“I was working on real tasks for the product my group was working on, rather than getting a made-up project to complete.”
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What does it take to do well at Hewlett Packard Enterprise?

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Did you receive adequate support from upper management at Hewlett Packard (HP)?

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